Build your brand

I am a believer that success is earned through a combination of hard graft, unsociable working hours and surrounding yourself with people who you consider to be more qualified than you within your industry. Exposing yourself to new territory certainly helps too; after all there is no better way to study your craft than to throw yourself in at the deep end. If you can achieve all of the above and come out fighting, you place yourself in an excellent position to progress your career.

Understandably it takes more than a little bit of gusto and an open mind to succeed in a chosen career. An important component for successful candidates and entrepreneurs often is to build a brand that shapes your personality and career. Mike is an advocate of “accentuating the positives”, (within reason) and I wholeheartedly believe this to be a founding success in many of our candidates past and present. How can you build a brand? Something that I have found to be a constant theme with many successful entrepreneurs is their desire to build their own brand. Normally a brand is an extension of ones personality, a strength that is magnified or maybe a niche skill.

Entrepreneurs in particular build a company that is an extension of their personality. Frequently personality extensions are also reflective in their products, website and vision.

A brand can be displayed through material ownership of cars, suits, business ownership. For others it could be a salary or a client base. From a sales and marketing standpoint your motivation will likely be one, if not all of the above because lets face it, as a salesperson one of your top 3 aims should be to ensure financial success. I recently met a client within the electronics industry. At 65 years old he embarked on forming his own brand and product niche. He set upon becoming the industry leader for a specific product and within 24 months he achieved his goal – He became the industry leader and worldwide product champion within his market. I am entirely confident that this illustration can be applied to anyone within any industry or position.

A career that incentivises you to accomplish your goals is what matters most. Hard work is habitual, building your foundations for hard work makes building your brand an easy task.


Thanks for reading.