With lockdown 3 underway, once again, the recruitment process has gone digital. Although some businesses may have put a temporary freeze on recruitment during this time, companies who are hiring, will be doing so virtually.

As we are all aware, online video interviews are very different to your typical face to face interview. We hear from lots of candidates who ask our advice on how to prepare for Zoom interviews, but also from clients, asking us how to conduct them in the most efficient way.


Our biggest advice, is to just try to treat it as you would a normal interview and think of the basics:

  • Ensure you are in a quiet area with no distractions
  • Be presentable and dress in formal business attire (you can keep the slippers on!)
  • Ensure all your technology works (test zoom links prior)
  • Set up a professional looking background

If you do need any more help on this, click here for our blog on how to impress during a Zoom interview.


  • Do lots of research on the company and have your notes in front of you
  • Be prepared for the interview process to be longer than usual (you may have a 3-stage process rather than 2-stage)
  • Be comfortable knowing you may not meet the team for several months


Interview questions may have adapted too during the new way of interviewing candidates for jobs. I have listed below some examples of questions that you could potentially be asked. Remember, the interviewer has a motive behind these types of questions so make sure you are well prepared.

For example, ‘how are you finding the pandemic?’, is seeing how resilient you are in tough situations.

  • How are you finding the pandemic?
  • Would you be comfortable working from home?
  • Have you got experience working remote?
  • Do you plan on continuing remote work, or would you like flexibility between office and home?
  • Are you an autonomous worker naturally?
  • What would you do if you were stuck on something and needed help?


If you do need any additional help, please do get in touch: