What is the job market like right now?

There is a large speculation that many companies across the UK are still on a recruitment freeze or are simply not hiring. However, the job market has seen a massive shift and according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), ‘the number of payroll employees has increased for the eight consecutive month’, showing clear signs of employment growth and recovery on the job market, which would definitely match our own experiences locally.

If you are looking for a new role, we have selected a couple of key points below, to help make your search easier.

Sign up to job boards

  • Register your update and clear CV’s onto relevant job boards. By uploading your CV onto these boards both recruiters and hiring managers will be able to view your CV and be able to contact you regarding job opportunities. For more information on which job boards to register to, read here.

Set your LinkedIn profile to ‘Open To Work’ and detailed – treat it like a CV!

  • Recruiters will often use LinkedIn in order to find talent for jobs they are working on. Therefore, if you are open to new opportunities and/or are actively searching for a new role, by setting your profile to ‘open to work’, you will appear in searches, increasing your chances of finding a new job opportunity.
  • Equally ensure your working history and skills are really detailed, and in plain English. Again most recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for candidates, so by spending time to build your profile will make you much more visible.

Keep your CV updated

  • It is super important to ensure that your CV is completely updated, eligible and easy to understand. By ensuring that all of your contact information is up to date and your experience is all in chronological order, this will allow recruiters and hiring managers to get in contact with you and also understand your previous experience, ensuing they can find you the most suitable role. For more information on how to update your CV, click here.

Make it clear what you are searching for

  • One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is not making it clear what roles they are interested in, which in turn, makes it harder for their CV to be picked up and also harder to match their experience to a potential new role. Therefore, by including key words into your CV and stating what you are interested in, your CV will be picked up and recruiters will not waste your time calling about a job, that doesn’t suit your experience/interests.


The biggest misconception surrounding the job market right now, is that there are no job opportunities available. However, there are SO many companies hiring and on a real recruitment drive. As mentioned above, the number of PAYE employees is on an upward trajectory and there are jobs out there.

If you do require any additional help or advice one of our team would be so happy to assist on a confidential basis. Please email us at jobs@thompsonandterry.co.uk.