How to stay focused when working from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Last week, the World Health Organisation labelled the coronavirus a global pandemic. As a result of the Wuhan-born outbreak, it is reasonable to assume that (if not already) lots of us will be working remote until further notice. Therefore, I have put together a guide to help us all stay motivated and focused during a very uncertain and incalculable time.

Being Prepared

We have now entered a time where lots of employers are both considering and implementing safety measures to help contribute to the ‘delay phase’ of the coronavirus pandemic. It is important that, where possible, businesses have the option to accommodate employees and support remote working.

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According to the BBC, the key to working from home is ‘clear communication’ with both your manager and colleagues. Being able to communicate with each other, either over the telephone, video calls or messaging is vital for you to ensure that you know what you are doing, what is expected of you and to also help you stay on track with your jobs/to-do list.

I would advise ensuring that every morning starts with a telephone call so that you can fully prepare for the day and be able to prioritise tasks and manage time accordingly. At Thompson & Terry, we begin every day with a sales meeting, where we all share an overview of our day before, what we achieved and what our plan/targets are for the day ahead. This really helps us all stay motivated and productive.


Following on from the previous point, it is important to be prepared and have a list of goals every day, again to help you stay focused. As you will not be in an office with your manager or colleagues, you will not be constantly communicating across the room. Therefore, writing down and putting together a to-do list, will help you manage your time and be able to stay productive.

Additionally, having a physical/visible list that you can look at and tick off every time you complete a task, will help give you a sense of achievement (even if this is the smallest of tasks). This will help you stay motivated and allow you to feel positive towards reaching your target/goals!

Free time/Exercise

Although lots of your day will be spent sat down with a telephone, computer and a to-do list, it is so important to make sure you give yourself regular short breaks to help keep yourself engaged and focused. A great idea of how to do this is by doing a light 10-minute exercise, helping you stay healthy and allowing yourself to keep a positive mind. Exercise is just one idea of how to do this, but it is essential you do something that is mentally stimulating in order to enrich your mind and stay motivated.


I hope that you have found some tips/advice on how to stay productive and motivated whilst working remote during the coronavirus pandemic.

Remember to look after yourself and each other. I really hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this very uncertain and difficult time.