The Best Jobs to Find Post-Graduation

Some people leave school and university knowing exactly where life will go and what they will achieve but so many others get lost and confused because the magical career epiphany hasn’t happened for them!

I remember my two years at sixth form being a time of chaos and disorder with teachers constantly asking what I was going to do next and what job I wanted! One of my friends had her heart set on becoming social worker, another was applying to vet schools and one was going to study law too!

Then there was me, not knowing what route life would take.

What my teachers didn’t understand was that just because I didn’t have a career path jumping out at me this didn’t mean I didn’t want a successful career; I’d been working after school during my time at sixth form!

Finding a role that suited ME

What was important to me was finding a role where I could get stuck in. I loved the idea of learning about sales, marketing, recruitment, business and finance, but wasn’t sure which was my preference. This is exactly why I think the graduate role at Thompson & Terry Recruitment was the perfect choice for me!

In this role I get involved with business planning, marketing, administration, finance, sales and most importantly recruitment! I get to hire for so many different industries too, whether it be within the cyber security and digital safety sector or within fast growing fintech!

My tips for finding that well-rounded role

  1. Work a part-time whilst you study

Whilst having a part-time job might seem like more hassle that it’s worth whilst you’re studying, it can be a great way to show employers that you are eager to work!

Obtaining work experience in relevant industries only really works if you know what industry it is that you want to get into. If you’re looking for a rounded role after university, the best thing is to have a part-time job where you can develop transferable skills and prove longevity.

  1. Find a company who will encourage you to move sideways

Getting a promotion within any job is great but if you’re not sure what sector/industry it is that you would like to move into try to find a company who will not only encourage you to move upwards, but also to move sideways.

What I mean by this is having the possibility to shift from one position within the company to an equal position in a different department of the same company. Being able to do this gives you the opportunity to continue developing a broad set of skills (and it will look great on a CV for future employers too)!

  1. Take online business courses

Before/during your job search I would suggest taking online courses in general business or anything at all that you find interesting.

Having taken too many courses never hurt anyone and if you’ve updated your CV (and LinkedIn account) with the extra courses you’ve taken work might even come to you! Recruiters looking to fill graduate and entry level roles will be able to see your dedication and interests through these courses.