6 Things to Remember Before Starting a New Job

Congratulations! You just got a new job! But what happens now?

At Thompson & Terry Recruitment, we understand it can be both exciting and daunting to start a new job whether you’re fresh out of university, progressing in your career, or changing careers. Here are some things to think about after you accept that all exciting job offer:

  1. Say thank you

Was there anyone during your job search and interview process you would like to thank for being part of the journey and helping you? This includes the interviewers for their time and consideration, recruiters for their part in interviewing and guiding you, and your friends and family who have given you advice.

One simple but great thing you can do is leave a review as a massive gesture of thanks to a recruiter who helped you out. Some of the best places to do this are on Google and Facebook. We love and always appreciate getting feedback from candidates and clients!

  1. Check in with your new employer

Before you start your new job, it is always great to check in with your new employer about what you might need on your first day so you are best prepared. We always recommend you bring your bank details, national insurance number, and passport for all the admin bits that need to be done on your first day.

  1. Is there anything you can do?

After getting your new job, asking if there is any training you can do or preliminary work is a great way to start a new role. This will help you make a good and keen impression and, if there is something they recommend you do, it is a great way to hit the ground running and develop your skills ready for the new job.

  1. Start time

Obviously, you want to make a good impression on your first day. An easy way to do this is to be on time. Make sure you know when you are expected to start (and arrive early just to be on the safe side!).

Alongside this, it is always a good idea to check out the commute you’ll be taking to work to make sure you leave enough time to be on time/early, avoid traffic, or to make sure you don’t miss that bus. If you have time, why not do a practice commute to give you a really good idea of what to expect?

  1. Attire

It’s better to look too smart than not smart enough when starting a new job – you can easily take off a tie! Ask your employer about what attire they expect and the culture of the business to give you a good idea how to fit in from Day 1 and make a good impression.

Asking this early while you have the time before starting a new role is also good in making sure you have the appropriate wardrobe ready to go – there is nothing worse than waking up on your first day and realising you have nothing to wear! If you need help with this, we’d definitely recommend reaching out to our good friend The Style Editor, Samantha Harman.

  1. Celebrate!

After all your hard work preparing for the interview and going through the process, make sure to take the time to celebrate getting a new job!

It is definitely worth checking out our blog on what do to before the first day of a new job to really help you as you start your new and exciting job.

Also, feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or for some great tips – both myself and Cara started our roles recently and would love to share our experience starting a new job with you.