Is the New Year a good time to search for a job?

The year of 2020 has been a significantly difficult and different year for all. Many businesses across the country have had to make tough decisions to make redundancies and freeze recruitment processes. For candidates, this has been a difficult time with lots of people left unemployed and unable to find a job, in such an uncertain time.

However, lots of reports are now suggesting that there is a glimmer of hope. According to FT, at the beginning of the pandemic, job advertisements were down 72% to the previous year, but this stat now stands at 20%, which is a very encouraging picture.

New Year

With lots of candidates still in the market, there is no denying that searching for a job during this time will be far more competitive. However, with the reports that businesses are beginning to unfreeze their recruitment process, this suggests an increase in jobs available. Therefore, the new year could be a good time to begin that process.


Historically, the new year is a very popular time to search for a new role. Lots of people want to begin the new year fresh, with a new job. Typically, lots of businesses quieten down in the December period as they wind down for Christmas and then will pick back up in January. So, before the January influx of applications, now is a great time to get your CV across to a company – so you’re first in the pile when their office reopens.

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Therefore, whilst searching for a job in the new year will be more competitive than usual (and historically, it is very competitive), I do believe that it could be a good time to job search, as there are more jobs being advertised month on month.

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Have a lovely Christmas and Good Luck!